November 4, 2013

The Giant Serpent

What I believe is the final Holiday Knit.  I think so, I really need to figure this out; Thanksgivikah is right around the corner.  I'm making my Nephew and Sea Serpent Pillow.  He's so cute.  The Serpent, well my Nephew is cute too. 
 I needed some perspective on the Giantness of this thing.  It's a little more than half way done.  Because of the shape and size it gets stuffed as I knit.  At this moment it's really unwieldy.  All the short rows and all the serpent.  It's just hard to knit with a giant serpent in your lap. 
I interrupted her reading for this.  She was not impressed.  It is not nearly this neon in color.  The next pictures will be outside; perhaps that will help.

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