December 29, 2013

Giggles for Totoro

 The Bug saw this pattern a while back while I was looking through Ravelry.  Beware of children looking over your shoulder. I'd seen it before and thought they were cute but maybe a bit more work than I wanted to put into something that would probably get lost.  Or at least half lost. 
 But when she saw those mittens herself and gasped and asked, "Are you going to make Those for me?"  Then kept bringing it up, and kept bringing it up.  I caved. 
They were actually a really quick knit.  And she squealed and giggled so much this morning when I'd finally woven in all the ends and she could try them on.  Hopefully this love will mean she won't loose them.  In her defense she hasn't lost the last mittens I made her; so perhaps there has been progress. 
It was a bit of a challenge to knit only because it has some (a lot) long, crazy uber long floats.  Like over half the mitten floats. Oh finishing things is happy.  I am in a mitten mood.  There may be lots more mittens to come.  You have been warned.

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