February 12, 2014

Yarn Along

I'm so pleased that the color turned out pretty much true for this sock.  I was afraid it would be one of those crazy hard to photo colors.  This is the February sock for the Cookie A. Sock Club.  Lovely color for this time of year when we Need it. so. very. much. 
On to the audio books The Bug and I started The Land of Stories the other day.  It's fun and funny.  The Bug's been reading the Complete Grimm's Fairly Tales and is almost done.  She's been obsessed with one about a turnip.  Some of those stories are down right weird.  So now she is also loving books that revisit those fairy tales and interweave the story into another story or all together.  She likes the idea of it being one world where everyone can interact with each other, even the giant Turnip.  This book is all about that. 
I'm listening to M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman.  Read by Neil Gaiman as well; he is fantastic at reading his own work.  I haven't started the Monty Python one it's about the making of The Holy Grail.  I want to rewatch it before I start.  Oooh maybe I can do that tonight!


Anke said...

I absolutely love the sock color and pattern! Gorgeous!

CathieJ said...

I love the color of that sock.