May 11, 2007

And so it begins...or continues

First I shall introduce myself to, probably, just myself. I just turned 28, I just celebrated my 6 year wedding anniversary, and I have just started this blog.

I have a two year old daughter, little bug as she shall be named here. She is very active and energetic. All day is a running commentary from her. My husband, or Mr. Gnome, is a Technical Director at a local theatre. Thus he is gone a lot of nights. When we were first dating I thought he looked like a gnome and was daring enough to tell him this. He took to it well and when we got married he started calling me Mrs. Gnome. Thus explains the names here. We have a cat, Saul and the least gnomish of the family weighing in at 17lbs. No, he is not overweight he is just BIG. He is also diabetic; don't get me started on the evils of diet cat food! I have been a vegetarian my entire life and knitting for just over a year.

Today is my daughter's 26th month day. That's 2-yrs and 2-mo. Unfortunatly the little bug seems to have caught a bug. After the park yesterday she started coughing like an old man and her voice is scratchy.

As far as the knitting goes I am working on a sweater for Mr. Gnome, a grocery shopping bag, and my first sock. You should know that I am Not one for having multiple projects! I don't even like reading more than one book at a time! I believe this stems from my parents never finishing a project; we didn't have front steps on our house for five years. OH, did I mention I have a B.S. in Psychology? You see the sock stays in the car for when little bug falls asleep and I don't want to wake her so I knit. The shopping bag is mindless knitting for reading knitting blogs, and the sweater is for good old fashioned TV and stress releaving knitting.

I finished this shawl last month and got to wear it to see Cirque Du Solei's Delirium for my birthday. Grand show and groovy shawl.
It's from Mason-Dixon Knitting knit with Paton's Grace. It was my first exprience using two colors on the same row and I learned that it is darn hard! I'm not sure how I feel about the Paton's Grace. It is so SOFT, I love mercerized cotton. But it was really slippery and the first few rows look a bit wonky.
As I said before little bug is sick and she has now woken up so I am off to snuggle her into wellnessville.

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