May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day!

Today we went to Mokabe's . They have a Fabulous Sunday brunch. The only thing that is not vegetarian is their bacon. The stuffed French toast is just too good to describe! YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!
Then we went for a long walk around Tower Grover Park. Such a beautiful park and a rather cute kid if I do say so myself.
I went to see Spider Man 3 on Monday. It was the first time I've gone to a movie theater by myself. I really enjoyed the movie. Though coming back to my little bug was even more fun.

I finished my shopping bag! This is actually the second one I, made the strap a tad longer than the pattern recommends. By the pattern you can barely stuff things into the bad the strap is so short. But now the bag almost drags on the ground when full. Though this may be my lack of hieght more than anything. I hope to have around five when I am all through. The Pattern is a free pattern found here. OH and Note the correction! That hadn't been posted when I made my first one and well, one hundred stitches is a bit of a difference.... It doesn't seem to be nearly as wide as it looks in the picture. I used Peaches & Cream when making mine. I'd gotten a bunch of lb. cones of the stuff when I made dishclothes for the in-laws and extended for Christmas. I have quite a bit left over, as in more than half of what I had gotten. I think I'm going to try making it a bit wider and shorter next time.

I also finished my first sock! I love socks, always have been a collector of strange and different socks. I mostly started knitting to make myself socks! So here is the first one shortly before I finished. It is garter rib from Sensationl Knitted Socks. Though I wouldn't call it sensational. I am certainly not doing striped yarn for socks again. As Mr. Gnome pointed out, they "enhance" the sturdyness of my ankles. Though I love the fit, wow, who knew a sock could fit like that! I was a good girl and cast right on for the second sock.
We went to a playground playdate today entirely because a mom needed help with casting on. She is just starting to knit. This is the first time I've gotten to usher someone into the knitting world. Very thrilling!
Now I am off to watch Lord of the Rings and knit on my sock.

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