June 15, 2007

Start Them Early!

Little Gnome has discovered beading. She will sit and do this for a good ten minutes. Keep in mind she is two ten minutes is FOREVER. Of course when she decides she is finished she watches them bounce all over the floor. Boy can those things scatter!

In regards to the last post I wanted to share about our camping trip but was too tired to do any real writing. We went for two nights and had a grand time. The park was beautiful. We did have a few raccoon invasions at night. The first time they came right up to us while we were sitting at the fire. Now it was dark and I just saw it out of the corner of my eye at first so I may have freaked out a tiny bit. Little Bug thought our outside house and the fire were all fun.

Not a lot of knitting has been accomplished what with Mr. Gnome being home and the camping trip. I have however agreed to knit baby hats for the expectant/new again moms in our AP group's shower in a box. There are seven, two have been born already. The rest aren't due until August and September. I searched high and low for a Cute hat that isn't knit up on size 3s. I do need to make seven and I don't have a lot of time here! I'm going to make this one. Cute yes! I thought so. Now I wanted to make it out of cotton or a cotton blend. Not thinking wool would be good for a baby and being anti-acrylic if I can help it. And knowing these mom's probably would be even more anti-acrylic than I am. Natural Parenting being so closely related with AP and all. SO... I began my search. My first mistake was going to Hobby Lobby. OK that was my only mistake. Novelty yarn has it's place..... I guess...... I finally found something that will work at Hancock's. I really should be starting a gauge swatch right now.

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