June 21, 2007

Hats, Tequila, and Gnomes

I finished the first two baby hats. These are for two lovely girls who have already been born so I put a rush on these. Since there is no way these hats would fit my kid Red Bear was happy to be my model. Thank you Red Bear.

The Pattern is a free one from Here. Since the suggested yarn is no longer I used Lion Cotton, which is a little thicker but it still turned out nicely. Instead of putting a tassel on top, that would have frayed like mad with this yarn, I made tails by casting on then casting off then casting on again. I like the curlies more than a tassel.

So that is two now just five more to go. The second one only took two days, it will go quick.

Mr. Gnome has a second job working security at a local night club. Sammy Hagar was there last night, Naturally he had to bring home something..... The bottles are empty, he doesn't like tequila but he thought they "looked cool" and "need a candle in them". Don't we outgrow the hording of alcohol bottles and putting candles in them while we are in college? Now I have to figure out what to do with them until we move when they will mysteriously disappear. He wants to put the bumper sticker on the car. sigh
And last but certainly not least here are some very cool gnomes on some very cool yarn made by a very very cool spinner yarnpunk.

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