June 7, 2007

Time off and yarn

This past week and next week are vacation weeks for Mr. Gnome. Very scary. We aren't going anywhere just doing fun stuff around town. We went to the St. Louis Ren. Fair. It rained. It rained a lot. We got wet. Little Bug loved it! They couldn't do the jousting or other horse stuff because of all the mud. So they did an improptu mud wrestle. Little Bug got splattered as they ran buy. She loved it. We were the only people to play "Who wants to be a Pirateer?" we won! It did take some knowledge all about pirates. So maybe it is sad that we won since we had to know stuff about pirates. But we both got strawberry shortcakes. mmmmmmm..

We went to the pool yesterday. No sun burns to be reported! Little Bug and Mr. Gnome are both BIG water babies! We all had a ton of fun. When I was a kid the wading pool was lame! The one we went to has fountains and a mini slide shaped like a whale. Great times! Though I did get water in my ear and it hurts! But that is a normal part of water fun for me. blech.

Next week we are going camping for three days. We haven't been camping in many years! It isn't Supposed to rain, but well, you know how that can go......

As far as the knitting is going I finished the first stleeve of Mr. Gnome's sweater. One more to do... he does only have two arms... Then just putting it together.
I was sitting there knitting his sweater thinking how great this yarn was working out (Araucania, Nature Wool) it wasn't the Recommended yarn. It made a nice fabric on the recommended needles on the right gauge. I had also gotten some in a different color for a sweater for myself. So, naturally, I start thinkg about how fun that will be until I think wait that sweater is supposed to be knit on size 9 needles this one is on size 6. It isn't a tight fabric on 6 but Mr. Gnome always wears his sweaters over a shirt. I never do, hate layering! But if I knit up this yarn on the recommended nines you'll be able to see all sorts of things about me that no one wants to see. Well Little Bug still likes the nursings and of course Mr. Gnome appreciates. But the rest of the world doesn't need to be seeing that. So what to do what to do. I'm now looking for the "perfect" pattern for the yarn. It is a varigated blue between light eggshell to royal. Doesn't stripe just kind of is all over the place. Which I like but it does limit you a little. As in I don' t think it would be good for a cabled something...... It is all wool so certainly nothing short sleeve.... The search continues and we all know I have other things to knit no real worries there.
I don't know what I will knit next. I have the yarn for a sweater for me and one for Little Bug. Also yarn for these weird Pillow People. And a couple hats. hmmmmmmmm......... It will come to me.....

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