July 31, 2007

House of Puke

After the conference I got sick, then two days later Little Bug got sick, currently Mr. Gnome is sick. The Joy. With me all I could think was all the things I needed to do after being gone for four days. We still haven't found the television remote. The Little one being two and all didn't know when she was going to be sick everywhere so I did a lot of laundry and not much else. Knitting was dangerous. Intoxicating is silk, Don't puke on the silk! Today we had to do home buying stuff; I told Mr. Gnome not to puke on our agent. I am such and AP mom and wife!

Between Little Bug and Mr. Gnome being sick we went Blackberry picking at Eckerts.
We did bring some Blueberries home too. They were so good. Not at all bitter and very juicy. I made this:

Yes, that is a chocolate muffin with berry sauce. Oh so yummy!

On the knitting end, I finished the front of Intoxicating. Since the back is nothing like the front it is almost like I finished one project and am now onto something else. Except the part where the finished thing is useful in any way. I wasn't paying enough attention when picking out the yarn I thought the back was one color done in a variegated yarn. I was half right, sort of. I think the one in the book is variegated just not as much as mine but it also uses the main color (green in the picture, blue for mine). The variegated yarn I got is mostly blue with some yellow. So the only parts that pop are the yellow. You can only kind of see the pattern. I also can't seem to see the pattern. I need to have the book open whenever I'm working on it or I get lost. The front was easy; squares. The back is "Maze", I've never done well with mazes. Whenever there is a book open in the house the Little Bug is drawn to it and has to read it. I swear it's like a sixth sense, she can be in the other room and come running to look at the book. Which is great and all but kind of slows down the knitting when Mommy needs to look at her book.

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