July 13, 2007


I think in the last post I called the sweater Intrigued, I was wrong it is Intoxicated. All the same I am addicted to the Intoxication!!!! I explained it to Mr Gnome:

Me: "It's like someone laced the crack that is knitting with heroine!! Or is it lacing heroine with crack?"

Mr. Gnome: "You do know how messed up that sounds?"

Well maybe I do. yet it is SO true. I was a little concerned about knitting this; two colors and all. I've had a bought of that in the shall I made. It didn't go too well, not horrible or disastrous just not well. Inexperience and all. But this, this is different, this is Mosaic knitting! You aren't trying to hold two colors at the same time. You just knit then purl the first color then knit with the next color and slip up the first color where you want it. Then just purl the ones you just knitted. Ok, it sounds a bit confusing when read I thought, "What?!" But then you begin and say, "OH!!", and then you can't stop. And I am so psyched about how the colors look together, go me!
Though this is not a knit for when the two year old is climbing all over you. Takes a bit of concentration. Or just paying attention, which for some of us is the same thing. Though she does tell me regularly that it is cool. What can I say the kid has great taste.
I also taught myself how to start a toe up sock today. I have quite a bit of sock yarn left from making some fingerless gloves last fall. I am hoping to make Little Bug some tube socks and I wanted to do it toe up since it's such an odd piece or yarn. She is excited and keeps wanting to try it on. I'm just going to do regular knit on this one. We are going to the La Leche League International conference in Chicago in a week. I think this will be an easy knit for while I wait for a class. Maybe during, depending on the notes I want to take. Very excited about the conference!!! Oh and Chicago Diner, and there is a yarn shop two blocks from the hotel. And my mom is coming and I don't get to see her much. So fun!

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