July 10, 2007

House, Home, Bathroom

We are house hunting. OH the fun, OH the excitement; OH the pain in my A...... Yesterday we left Little Bug with a friend so we could better put our attentions on the houses we were to see. We saw four. One was ok, the other was not going to work, the third I really liked, and the fourth Mr. Gnome liked. You see how that is not an agreement. Mr. Gnome would like the one I liked if it had two full bathrooms. Yes, Bathrooms are the deciding factor. And not just any real bathroom, a big one with a shower stall. The one he likes I think isn't in the best of shape. Ok it has a new roof but the foundations is cracked and leaning. I'll fix a roof, but foundation!! But it has two full baths!!!! The one I like needs a new roof, has three bedrooms and a den, exactly what we've been talking about. Well not the roof part but that is fixable. BUT it only has one and half baths. Now we have never had more than one bath. The half bath on this house is in the finished basement/den area. Mr. Gnome wants to add a shower with lots of space. I am not too keen on a humidity making shower in a basement. Somehow this means I don't wanting him to be comfortable. The bathroom just isn't that important to me. And do you really need two showers, they can't both be running at the same time, and then there is TWO showers for me to clean instead of one. Is a big bathroom a guy thing?
Also the one he likes is about 30grand More and in a worse neighborhood. Seems like an obvious decision to me. So the search continues. We are looking at another house today. This one has two bathrooms.
And since this is a knittingish blog, I finished the shopping bag #3. I ordered needles to make Intrigued from No Sheep For You. Which really should be called Obsessed because I haven't stopped thinking about it since I saw it. I am going to use blue and a maroonish/red for my colors. So excited!!! In the mean time whilst I await the needles I've actually been putting some time into my sock. Amazing how fast they come together when you actually knit on them! Shocking I know.

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