August 27, 2007

Current Level of Suckage

Over the weekend the Level of Suckage was rather high do to the large amount of ripping and frogging. I was almost done with Little Bugs second sock when I decided I should look at the first one to compare. My first though was wow my gauge must be much tighter on this second sock. But why are the stripes wider and the sock is longer. And..... Wait a minute..... I counted the stitches on the first sock, 48, the on the second sock, 39...... Ugh! Mr. Gnome tried to convince me not to rip it all out, that it was ok for them to be different and "limited edition" socks. I couldn't' live with that. The second sock was going to be about two inches Longer than the first! It's always sad how fast you can rip out something that took so long to knit. I haven't faced restarting, just can't right now.

Then there is the sleeve for Intoxicating. I knew this was something that would take concentration; Not something I could just pick up do some stitches then throw down to chase the kid. But I was excited I wanted to work on it. I got through 26 rows before I saw the mistake. I tried to just rip back to that point. But silk is slippery I had to rip it all back and start again. I have truly mastered knitting back on this piece. I think I have knit enough stitches to have done three sleeves by now. Alas I only have about 3/4 of one sleeve done.

Sunday morning Little Bug woke up at 6:30am, her usual wake up time is 7:30. Mr Gnome had worked late the night before (when I say that I'm talking 1am-2am). So I got up with her and tried to keep her from waking up daddy so he could get some more sleep. We washed diapers, made chocolate chip scones, a yummy breakfast, and seitan to be used in that nights dinner.

Almost Vegan Chocolate Chip Scones from Vegan with a Vengeance. Almost because my chocolate chips are not vegan. Quite tasty and not at all dry. The Seitan was for the Jerk Seitan in the same cookbook. So Yummy!

Getting so much done so early in the morning made me feel better about the previous day's knitting failures.

The current Level of Suckage is moderate but on the decline.

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