August 30, 2007

Long Distance Hugs

My best friend lives in 1100 miles away, give or take. Recently she has been in need of a big hug. All I could do was knit her this:

A shawl/Afghan made from a variety or yarns knit on size 11 needles.

Up close and personal.

Theses are her colors, nothing like mine if you've been paying attention. It is quite long I was able to wrap it around my shoulders twice. It would have been a great deal of fun to make if it wasn't for such a sad purpose. I hope it brings some joy or at least a smile.

On to other things....

I apparently Can learn. One sleeve for Intoxicated is finished and the other well on its way. I am now able to knit when the Bug is awake without mistakes. Still no blocking so looking a bit off. I'm hoping to be sewing it all up by next week.

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