November 13, 2007

One of those days

Yesterday was just one of those days where everything seems to fall over, spill or just get messed up. Mr. Gnome came home early and sick. He went to bed with 103degree fever. Followed shortly by getting out of bed the throw up. I was then looking out the window at a leaf caught in a spider's web when I saw green sparks from the electric line (really, I don't' usually just look out a window, what were the chances of me seeing this?). A squirrel went flying across the neighbor's yard, got up, and ran up a tree to sit on a branch twittering away. We had no power. It was dusk. I find the flashlights and then find Little Bug scaling the shelves in the pantry in the dark. Later I am with the sick husband. I go to the kitchen and find Little Bug climbing onto the counter with just her flashlight. That was my yesterday.

Today the power is back on, the husband is mostly better, and the Little Bug has given up her need to climb.

I do have four dishcloths finished.

Yesterday I had thought I would post a weekly dishcloth showing. Yesterday I was shown how I cannot commit myself to such a thing. So I will show you them when I show you them. And that will be that.

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