November 6, 2007

Sew More

I finished the living room curtains. There are now two windows that look like this. They remind me of a medieval circus. And I think I'm ok with that. The polka dot fabric I had gotten to back the T-Shirt blanket and I had a bunch left over. I got the stripe fabric for the curtains but after making the dinning room curtains I was feeling they needed a bit of something. I'm just not that nice and fancy or formal or whatever of a person. I realized the polka dots worked and feel a lot better about these curtains. .

I also made Little Bug a curtain for her bedroom door. You see our bedroom doors have windows. And while that is quite cool it also lets light into a dark bedroom when the hallway light is on. To the left hallway view. To the right in the bedroom view.

I have come to a conclusion about the Christmas knitting dilemma. I say screw anyone who says I can't give dishcloths two years in a row. Heck, maybe it should be a tradition. Thus I give you Christmas Dishcloth Extravaganza 2007! I am going to make these. I found them on Ravelry. Pretty cool huh?

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evelgal said...

nicely done! wish i have the time to knit.. must be fun!

nice blog & template btw : )
come say hi to me sometimes..