November 21, 2007

Turkeyless Day

Growing up whenever another kid found out I didn't eat meat they'd look at me with such confusion and ask what I ate for Thanksgiving. I' respond with just as much confusion, "food." I knew that everyone ate Turkey but I didn't think that was all they ate. Not until I went to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. They have a giant turkey and mashed everything else. It's as if their teeth are only good for the turkey and they need to be able to gum the rest of the dinner. There is mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed squash and mashed beets. Now I love squash, one of the best parts about the fall is squash, but mashed squash is nasty. I had never had mashed squash and never understood people who could say they didn't like squash. It is all clear to me now.

Now that we have moved so far away from family Thanksgiving is just the three of us. I love it. I love to cook and love the excuse to make a big meal. I also love left overs. I love to have a day of just hanging around the house with no reason to go out.

Our menu:
Garlic Mashed Potato Pie
Chestnut and Apple Stuffing
Cranberry Sauce
Candied Ginger Pumpkin Pie

Teeth needed.
Leaves above are decorated by Little Bug there are a lot taped all over the Dinning Room and Living Room.

1 comment:

Janice said...

Garlic Mashed Potato Pie, sounds like a yum.
You've always been a good cook.