November 19, 2007

Hat Spoiler

Someone might see this before tomorrow. Maybe. This hat is for a friend's son, I had made her other son a hat a while back and it only seems fair. Knit on size 6 dpns with my favorite squigglies on the top. It rolls down more when on a head so it is longer than it looks. This is how much yarn was left over.

I have also finished my little brother's hat. Woo HOO finishing Holiday knitting!!
I'm not sure how I feel about the nubby on the top. This was knit up on size 7 flat then sewn up. Seriously like knitting the hats in the round more! No sewing! And so much easier to try on as you go.

And last but not least:
Four more dishcloths! I really like the top two. Not so crazy about the green one. Little Bug picked the combo for the red and blue one. Total is up to 8! Which means 20 more!

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