December 14, 2007

And I say HA!

I say Ha to Holiday Knitting. For I am Finished!

I give you my SIL's Mitten.
Now that they are done I can say they fit and work and do everything they should and I still am not all the happy. Still can't say why either. Ah well it's all behind me now.

Remember that sweater I was making for myself? The sweater that was supposed to be such a good sweater and I was going to do such a great job and all that other things that bind one to failure. Well I'm working on it again. The back, front and one sleeve are finished. The second sleeve is well on it's way. I've been using Peace Fleece and really like it. However, yesterday and I was winding the last two skeins this happened.

That is one skein. Not knotted just ends. It actually works for where I am in the sweater one sleeve and little bits and all. But how annoying if this had been my first skein! I can't actually fit an entire Peace Fleece skein on my ball winder it just is too big! Oh the squishyness of the yarn!

And before I forget again the way previously promised "Orange" hat for Little Bug.

Patter is the Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat. I used two colors of Plymouth Encore Chunky held together. Knit up on size 10s made it smaller and it fits the bug quite nicely. I'm quite proud of how the cables turned out. I hadn't done cabling before the Cabaret sweater, which only kind of uses a cable needle. Then the mittens were kind of weird. But I like how the hat looks.

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