December 12, 2007


The last two dishcloths are finished! Special picture on the tree. I have made 21 of these dishcloths and am quite surprised how I am still not bored with the pattern. More bored with making dishcloths and wanting to work on my sweater and things. The green one was the last one I made. Being the 21st you'd think it would have been a breeze no problems. Right? Wrong. I seriously messed up that one more than any of the 20 before it. Ah well. You really can't tell unless you look very careful and if you are looking very carefully at a dishcloth then I can't help you. Here they are all rolled up and ready to go.

Now this is not the end of my Holiday knitting I'm afraid. I've been working on some convertible mittens for my SIL. They started out slow and have only recently taken off. I had to rip back the first one three times. Amazing how much faster the second mitten can go. That middle is beading within a cable which could be neat but I don't know. And that is about how I feel about this pattern. I just don't know. I don't really like it. But I can't tell you why. Ok the ripping it back three times didn't exactly leave me with warm feelings but that's not all of it. Something isn't right about the pattern part for the mitten flap on the right mitten. I like the yarn Louet Gems sport weight. It's soft and not at all splitty. But I just don't know, not feeling the love. Anyway they are almost done.
On a personal note I have a cold and no voice. You try playing Charades with a 2.5yr.old!

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JCG said...

Yay, you finished!!!
Hope you're feeling better.