December 24, 2007

Left Overs

The big trick before leaving on any trip is to make sure one is not leaving behind produce that will go bad. Yesterday Little Bug and I made Soup using up the rest of our fresh produce and throwing some canned beans and tomatoes for extra yum. I'm going to freeze what we don't eat tonight. To use up the last of the apple sauce we made yet some more apple sauce muffins. Daddy sized this time, we're bringing theses babbies with us. Then lastly to use up the last of the tangerines and yogurt we made yummy smoothies. I added some frozen strawberries for coldness and flavor and some flax seeds for nutrition.

I have nearly finished the shawl just a few more rows, the bind off and blocking. I'm hoping to block it tonight so it can dry in peace without a kid of cat getting at it while we are gone.

Have a Merry Christmas Day whether you celebrate it or not you can still try to have a good day. See you next year!

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