December 21, 2007

That's A Cabaret Old Plum!

Ha ha ha..... Because it's the Cabaret Raglan.... And it's Purple...... It Is funny!!!
Anyway. Cabaret Raglan from Best of Interweave Knits. I used Peace Fleece; mmmmm Peace Fleece.... Knit on 6 & 8 needles. I did some decreasing at the waist and then increased back up to the right stitches so it wouldn't be quite so big and baggy on me. Don't like the big and baggy thing, it's just not me. Anyway. I like it, I really Like it! A sort-of-closer look at the front and all of it's neatoness. Woo Me I knit a sweater I can wear in public! Woo!
That's really all the news. Well just two sets of socks and I started another Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. This time in Plymouth Shire Silk. A kind of like raw tweedy silk. I'm Want to have it done in time to wear when the Hubbo and I see Wicked. But I can't bring it with me for our Holiday trip to visit the in-laws in VT. Well I guess I Could bring it with me but I'd never get to knit on it. I'll be lucky if I get to knit on the basic tube socks I'm making for the bug. These trips aren't exactly relaxing.

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JCG said...

Very pretty. I'm impressed!
Have a good trip.