December 7, 2007


We had a Wintry Mix last night and it sounds like it has started up again.

To Mix things up a bit I bring you 6 dishcloths.
This means I only have 2 more to do!!!! Wooo! That green one in the corner I knit most of that at a play date. It was a bit of a surprise, I was going along knitting and talking and suddenly I had most of a dishcloth. The crazy one next to it is actually in two different colors kind of hard to tell though.

And last my Bread Mixer (well Machine but I have a theme going here) fell off the counter while making the dough for the bread in the last post.
Amazingly it still seems to work. I made pizza dough in it yesterday and it did just fine. Sounded like it wanted to die but made good dough. This is the second bread machine I have bought wicked cheap at a yard sale. There are no yard sales this time of year. This thing has to get me through the winter.
Happy Fourth night of Chanukah!

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