January 6, 2008

Dirty Snow

There once was a pile of dirty snow. The snow was sad about being so dirty. It wanted to be bright and beautiful like all the clean snow.

One day the dirty snow decided to either end it's snowy life or get clean. It was unsure what would happen if it jumped into a tub of water. Jumping in the water only resulted in the snow getting wet. Now one would wonder why the snow had not been wet before. But this pile of dirty snow didn't know any better.

Disappointed in it's failure to even end it's life, or get clean for that matter the pile of snow stretched out on the floor to dry. While drying the dirty snow slept. When it awoke it was being held outside. This is when the pile realized it was not snow or dirty at all. It was a lovely silk shawl.

Note: Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl again. Three balls of Plymouth Shire Silk was almost enough. As in I was off by 12 stitches on the bind off row. Oh sigh. Perhaps if two of the three balls hadn't had knots in them it would have been enough. I used some purple of the same yarn for the two rows in the bind off. On size nines.
I had Wanted to wear this when Mr. Gnome and I went to see Wicked. But it was too cold that night and a jacket was a necessity. We will just have to go on another date.

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exCalifornian said...

I saw wicked, a lovely show, as is your shawl.