January 11, 2008

Much and Nothing

Much has been going on. We got a new kitty. TJ is a 3.5 yr. old tuxedo cat. A real sweetie. He's a real lap cat and string cat. Not a good combination when knitting.

I started this month with nothing happening and being quite concerned about staying sane in winter with no planned activities. Then I signed up for Story Time at the library, then some play dates, then other commitments popped up. Now, suddenly, the calendar looks quite busy!

I haven't been knitting as much so there isn't much to show. I don't know why I haven't been knitting as much. It's really a lack of day-time knitting. We've just been doing other things. Though, I'm not entirely sure what those things are.

I started the tea pot from Itty Bitty Nursery. I love the tea set; too cute! I made the mistake of showing it to Little Bug last month and she fell in love with it too. She's been on my case to start it ever since! It looks nothing like a tea pot right now I know. And this is the crazy mess I've made doing stripes and moving it from room to room.

I did finish one of Little Bug's socks. Not sure if I like it though. I don't know, it fits great and look really cute and she loves it. I just need motivation to do the second sock. That's not like me, I don't get second sock syndrome!

I have also just started the leg of my sock. It's darker than this. Wow this is a bad picture. Sigh, ok it's darker and the pattern really does look like dragon scales. Some day you will see what I mean.

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