January 21, 2008

Knitting Takes Over the Home

The Absorba Bathmat from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I worked on this when the husband wasn't home to avoid the teasing. Teasing which he claims wouldn't have happened. No, I don't believe him either. Three strands of Double Worsted Weight Peaches & Creme in Tan and Ecru. The two cones of ecru are different die lots and you can really tell. Which in this situation actually worked quite nicely. It's a bit wonky though I haven't tried blocking it. You get all that cotton wet I'm pretty sure it would collapse my drying rack. So I'm just going to let it do it's own thing; freedom the the knitting.
I'm sewing up Little Bug's stripey sweater. Should have that to show you next time.
I went to my first knitting group yesterday at the new LYS near our house. It was quite fun. I don't know anyone in this city outside of our playgroups. Just moms, and mostly just moms who are as weird as I am. It was nice to meet people outside of that world.
While I was at the LYS I got the yarn for Arwen. This is my Yeay-I-got-through-Holiday-Knitting project. When I first saw this pattern I thought, "ooh" then I saw the name and said "Really?", then I read the description and said "Now I have to make it". It calls for a Lord of the Rings marathon while being knitted. Oh twist my arm! Now off to join the Ravelry Arwen Knit Along. Oh how I love being a geek!

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