January 24, 2008

Return of the 80's

Don't run away, everything will be alright... It is bright, over sized, and tends to hang off the shoulders. But someday it will fit her and then it will just be a bright and colorful sweater. She is quite taken by it. I've had to convince her, however, that playing in this over sized of a sweater isn't as much fun as one would hope.

Knitted Yoke Stripe Pattern from Lion's Brand; not one of even their better patterns. Ah well. Knit up on 11s with Plymouth Encore Chunky. I'm not sure if it was the yarn or the giant needles but every little knitting inconsistency is noticeable on his thing. Rather keeping me from liking it and giving it even more of that hand-made-in-the-80s look.

Even the cat is scared of the sweater, and he can't see color!

On a much more exciting note, and more geeky I made a breastfeeding advocacy dishcloth.

This is Little Bug's green. She has claimed it as her own reasoning that she is the breastfeeding baby. I got way too excited about this pattern, the husband thought I'd lost my mind. hee hee.

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