February 22, 2008

Novelty Yarn

is for toddler knits!

This is the Little Bug's first scarf. I got the yarn at Hobby Lobby, 99 cents a ball, one ball of each color. Can't really beat that price. Silly puffy stuff with a bit of sparkle and very bright colors. Just perfect for a Little Bug who is very into bright lime green and bright orange (or ohja, as she says it). Crazy simple scarf, cast on 18 stitches on size 15 needles knit garter stitch for just the right length. Little Bug wanted to help knit. It turned out that meant weaving the needles in and out of the balls of yarn. One of the big pluses to using circular needles as straits is that you can put the stitches down on the middle part and the kid can't get them off by just waiving the needles around. Altogether it was a fun knit. And not something I would have made if I didn't have a Little Bug.

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