February 28, 2008

The Tea Saga Continues

The Bug and the two kitties having tea. I sadly didn't get a picture of her having a tea party with her dolls. She only has to two cups so she was drinking straight out of the tea pot. Pretty funny stuff. I have made the saucers for the cups.
If I can give any advice for this pattern it is cast on Loosely. See how the one curls up a bit that was the first one; I learned. Even with the cups the first has a tighter top then the second.
It has been pointed out that these toys are lead free. Now I don't want my child missing out on such milestones of her generation. So I was going to start knitting while listening to this but amazingly we have none. So along with a bottle, meat, and "getting" to sleep by herself she will have to miss out on the lead poisoning too. Poor child....

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