February 18, 2008

Tea for Two

Tea pot and almost two tea cups. The one needs the crochet base and handle. They are SO CUTE! Oh my gosh! The picot edging too adorable. So tiny and sweet. I abosolutley love this tea set. Oh, and Little Bug likes it too. She is having a tea party as I type. So far, this is a really easy pattern, aside from the headache of learning to crochet. The first cup took a day to knit, finish and sew in all the ends. I did the unfinished tea cup while watching the Night Rider Movie. Fast And Easy And Cute. What more can you ask for? The pattern only has you make two cups but I think I'll make four; more of a party then. Of course there is still the cake platter, the serving platter, the saucers, the creamer, spoons, the sugar bowl, the cutest little sugar cubes, and of course cupcakes. I am having way too much fun knitting this set!
And for some reason Blogger won't check my spelling anymore. I apologize for all the spelling errors, I'm sure there are lots.


Michelle said...

That set is absolutely adorable! Also conveniently lead free :)

Meghan said...

WOW! So cute!

Rebecca said...

LOVE! I forgot to tell you I really like that Advocacy dishcloth too!