April 23, 2008


Two Sleeves. Or both sleeves since I only need two. They will one day belong to a sweater. Never would have guessed huh? To be specific the "Not your standard-issue sweatshirt, take two" from The Yarnd Girl's Guide to Beyond the Basics. The yarn is Ukrainian Red Peace Fleece. Mmmmm... Anyhoo. I did really want to start another wool sweater in time for spring/summer. But I Needed a bigger project. Why you ask; I have no idea. I just know the socks and tea set weren't enough. Crazy I am quite aware.
Since taking this picture about a week ago I've done a little of the back. The green bits coming up are the Hasta in our front yard. They have also grown in the past week, though more than the sweater.
In non-knitting news, I've been doing a bit of gardening. My legs are killing me! Little Bug has planted some flowers. They aren't actually flowering yet. I'm desperately trying to explain to convince her to not pick every flower she sees. She's big into flower fairies so I've been playing that up. The flower fairies want their flower to stay on their plant. She isn't so sure. We'll see how that goes.

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