April 19, 2008

Simple Socks

are not always best.

Finished last night and worn today my Panda Cotton Socks. Yarn gifted by mom, knit toe up on size 1s with a 1x1 rib at the top. Just knit, which really should have been simple. Right? These socks have more screw ups than any of my other socks. Ok so that is only three other pairs. But these are the first just plain knit up socks. Just stupid, screwey, I obviously can't count, sort of screw ups. As may be obvious when one looks at the striping difference between the foot and the leg of the sock. Mess up like that on one you have to mess up like that on the second. Yet intentional messings up like that are apparently difficult. Don't even try counting the heal stitches. Wow.

I'm not too concerned. They look quite cool. And if anyone is counting the stitched on my socks, well, I think they have a problem. And all I'd have to do is run away or start dancing or ask them what their deal is and that sort of behavior would stop. Leaving that person convinced that the socks are fine and there is nothing to worry about. Or that is my plan at least.


drlaura said...

your socks are just lovely!
i'm drlaura "sock guru" for Crystal palace yarns, and would love permission to post your sock pics on our blog CPYsocksandmore
email me, drlauraAsirius@gmail.com


jcg said...

They turned out really well!