May 29, 2008

Fun for all II

Last night was the St Louis Stitch N Pitch. Mr. Gnome came along. Such a burden for him as you can imagine.
Yep, made him hold the sock.
This is the only action the sock got last night. I'm so close to the end of the foot and didn't really want to do that much concentration during the game.
Mostly I knit on Mr. Gnome's Antler Scarf. Coming along quite well, and I didn't screw it up until the ninth inning.
The Very cool goody bags we got! Patterns, yarn, needles, and Coupons oh my!

The Cards won and the weather was great. We did have to get our seat changed b/c they sold our seat online as well as in our LYS. We still had good seats though. I didn't really see any other knitters I knew there. I could look up into the rest of the stand and see lots of people knitting and crocheting and that was very cool. This guy sitting next to me asked what was up with all the crocheters. Why do people assume it's crochet? Isn't crochet more obscure? Anyway. I told him about it all, I think he was a bit surprised especially that it happens all across the country. This guy spent the first half of the game making small bets with his friend sitting next to him. Then he went to sit somewhere else and was making bets with the same guy via cell phone. I found this to be very amusing. Maybe as amusing as he found all the knitters.

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