May 26, 2008

Lumpy Sock

You know little is happening if I am showing the sock. I don't know why I never talk about socks until they are done, or mostly done. Just have nothing to say. It's a sock... Anyhoo. This is some hand dyed wool/nylon blend I got in Vermont last December while visiting the in-laws. It looked lovely on the skein, and even more lovely on the ball, then knit up.
Kind of blah. It's of course not this lumpy stretched out on the foot. The pattern, from Sensation Knitted Socks, as usual, has been a lot of fun. I was afraid it would be a bit difficult being 28 rows and all but it makes sense and didn't take me long to figure out at all. The second sock is almost to the heel. So I should have a finished pair soon.
I have also started Antlers Scarf from Son of Stitch N Bitch. I got the book from our local library which has a lot of cool knitting books. I am hoping that starting a scarf will make it get warm out. Pictures soon.

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