May 16, 2008

The making of a tea set

And you thought I was done talking about it! ha ha ha.

That's the Cupcake Serving Plate. On the plate is a snail stitch marker. This little guy happily told me whenever I was finishing a round. Not really necessary it was easy enough to keep track of. But I like stitch markers for working in the round not matter how easy it should be to keep track of where you are. I'm a TV knitter and don't want to have to pay attention to the knitting any more than is really necessary and stitch markers help me do that. Anyhow. This cute little guy just made the entire process all the more fun.
Then there are those two broken needles. Size three needles + worsted weigh yarn + lots of k2tog = a lot of strain on the needles. Thus the breaking. When the first one went it wasn't Such a big deal. I had a set of five and was only using four. Then the next one went. Well that was a problem; I think you can do the math. Mr. Gnome happens to work across the street from a LYS and was sweet enough to get me another set on his way to work one evening.
That's probably it from Tea Set Land.

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