May 13, 2008

You say Tomato

I say Blueberry...

Let's cast the whole thing off.

Yes it is done. I actually wore it on the crawl Sunday. It's a bit too big, as seems to be my problem. By the end of Sunday it seemed to be sagging all the more. I mean it's wearable. It's not like a big sack. It's just not what it should or could be. I keep thinking this should all be a learning process but I don't feel like I'm learning anything since everything turns out a size too big no matter what I do. Frustrating. This time since I got gauge on sevens I knit it up on sixes knowing I relax a lot when knitting the actual garment (I know, me relax, crazy!). Still not the result I would like. But then if I had gone ahead and knit it up on sevens like the gauge swatch said I could it would be way too big and unwearable. On the bright side I do like how the color work turned out. I re-knit it and paid more attention and it looks pretty good. So I guess I did learn something.


jcg said...

Very cute. It's nice to know you can relax. You'll have to tell me your secret.

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I'm sorry it's a bit big. Sometimes when I want something to fit with just a little ease I'll knit the size smaller than my actual size. Also when swatching, I measure gauge only after I've washed the swatch because so many yarns grow so much once they hit the water. Hope that helps!