July 7, 2008

And then...

With the curtain (still looking for a rod) and scarf done it is time to knit something for me. I got this yarn on the crawl back in May and am very proud of myself for casting on with it so quickly. We won't talk about what's in the closet. This is the sleeve for Titania. Both sleeves are done and tonight I will cast on for the body. It is so pretty!
This month begins my husband's weeks of little to no work. He's taking half weeks for the next two weeks then it's four weeks off. Well off from his full-time job, there is still the part-time job, but even that is less than normal this month and next. This past weekend was all three days no work. Either job. We made it; no one died, there wasn't even arguing. I've been a SAHM for over three years now. The bug and I have our routine, if you can call it that. Also Mr. Gnome usually works at least 65 hr. weeks. You can see how this will be interesting to say the least. There are plans in place for the next month and a half. Pool, travel, home improvement junk. I'm not sure how much I'll knit. It will either be a lot or nearly none. Blogging follows that same question.
Hopefully I'll be back soon. If not you know where I am.

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