July 3, 2008

Tree Antlers Scarf

Or Woooo Hooo I'm done!!!
The modeling shot. Mr. Gnome's shirt mutes the scarf. But, then, he usually dresses that way so I'll have to get used to it.

Super close up. Really only shows the inner cables; the Antlers if you will.

I was so done with this thing by the time I hit the second ball of yarn. It used most of two balls of Cascade 220. This is why I have the yarn for a scarf for myself sitting in the stash. This means it will be sitting a bit longer. After the last post about how boring a rectangle can be I realized the curtain is also just a rectangle. Gosh things have been dull around here. The curtain is done by the way. Now I must search for a tension rod that is dark bronze in color. This is proofing harder than it sounds.

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