July 14, 2008

I'm sorry, you're making what?

Well since then I've cut all that fabric into one inch strips and sewn them together. The bug helped mix them up. This basket full of fabric that turned into a big ball of "yarn" has been in the office since October and the husband has only just now asked what it is and why it exists. I think he might have been afraid to find out. He keeps asking where I'm going to put the rug. That's a surprise for another day.
Now I am finally knitting it all up; following the pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting. A perspective shot with bug holding ball. As soon as I put the rug to be down to see how big, or little as it turned out, it was getting the cat had to give it a try. He stayed there most of the afternoon. I guess he approves. A close up of the fabric. Now most of this fabric I got wicked cheap on eBay from a woman getting rid of fat quarter quilting left overs. Most of it I would never use myself; too floral, too country, or just not at all me. But cut up and knit up you really can't tell it just looks like a bunch of crazy colors and textures. Now that's me.

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