August 12, 2008

Good progress

Despite having to rip out the first ten rows during the opening ceremonies. Then Sunday have to rip out most of the left front side. The back and two fronts are finished; kid's clothes go so fast gotta love it. The first sleeve has been cast on. I really like how it is turning out. It's not as neutral as some of you might like but that's not how I role. And it's really not how Little Bug likes things.
I had six colors to choose from for this sweater. I love that I can ask Mr. Gnome his opinion and he really has one. We sat on the floor with those skeins of yarn for quite a while trying to decide what would look best and what would fit the Bug's personality. The next big decision will be buttons... hmmmmmm....

1 comment:

jcg said...

OMG you're a speed knitter!
I can see that sweater on Little Bug. She'll look great.