August 17, 2008

More Pickin'

This time it was for peaches and blackberries.

We went to the same place. They were nearly out of blackberries and only had them on the bushes with thorns. We got a little scratched but they are worth it. Yum! That is two pecks of peaches. When we got home Mr. Gnome was saying he didn't really like peaches. sigh... We started cutting some up to freeze for future pies and just eating. He started eating them and is now a convert. Well, only for self picked peaches. His prior feelings can be reasoned that he grew up in Vermont where one doesn't go out and pick peaches in the summer. Or even have decent ones at the grocery store. Though these would forever shame a store bought peach!
So far we've made Blackberry Scones

Peach Cobbler

And to be a bit crazy Blackberry pancakes with Peach Sauce.

And of course freezing quite a bit.

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Meghan said...

YUM! it all looks so delicious!