September 27, 2008


Like I was saying. With all that casting off there is some fabulous casting on. But when is casting on not fabulous? The excitement of something new.

Four count them four things on the needles. And all get knit on regularly. Really.

The top left corner that green thing. A hand towel for the bathroom that seems to be the most knit for person, place or thing in the house. It has a neat stitch pattern that you can't see here. It looks like the Star of David. I saw it in Knitting Nature on a sweater. Didn't like the sweater so I'm using it on a hand towel.

Next is the Kaylee sock I said I wanted to make months ago. The patter was finally available. Bright enough for you?

Then the Evangeline fingerless gloves I'm doing the elbow length version. Again cool cabling that can't be seen. There are individual pictures on my Ravelry but I didn't want to do a picture heavy of a post.

Finally the biggy. The piece I'm rather excited about and has been on my mind all summer. It's a blanket. I've had that yarn forever, never knowing what to do with it. I saw the Snapping Turtle Skirt pattern in Knitting Nature (apparently I like the ideas in this book but not the patterns), liked it but would never wear a knit skirt. Then it came to me. This blue variegated yarn would look like water in that pattern. So then... perhaps instead of a skirt a blanket. Cover myself in the ocean. It's working about how I expected. I just hope it still looks cool when I'm done.

I think you know that I knit on everything I have going. I don't seem like the sort who never finishes things. It might take a while. But there is a knit for every mood or situation. You just never know what you will feel like knitting when you get those precious few minutes while you child cuts a whole in the screen window.

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