September 23, 2008

You can't see me....

As I may have mentioned in the past Mr. Gnome works in the theater world. On the technical side. Thus he wears a bit of black. You can't see the people back stage or on stage if they are wearing black you see. Or don't see.... Anyway. Naturally when I decided to make him socks I made him black socks. He wore them today to show his boss, a new recruit to the knitting world.

Lovely picture, complete with hairy leg. This is Panda Silk a merino/bamboo/silk combo of yarn. Oh so fun to knit. Knit cuff down in a basket weave pattern, simple enough for a man yet interesting enough for knitting. Socks are my go anywhere project. I found the black doesn't go anywhere. If the light is just a bit dim you really can't see what you are doing.

With all this stuff coming off the needles I'm sure you are asking, "What is going onto the needles? For surely she can't just sit there with nothing to knit." Tis true; I can't. But that is a post for another day.

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