October 18, 2008

The Bug's Sweaters Keep Coming

If all goes well this will be a part of the Bug's Halloween costume. She's going to be a flower fairy of course! It's a cardigan that she can wear whenever it just so happens to match the colors of her costume.
We went to a different (not the place we like to go trying something new, the other place is way better) brunch at some hippie vegetarianish place in the more hippie part of the city. Like minded people should be nice to be around. But they are not. I don't, generally, like people who think like me. I find them pretentious. Maybe I am too. Growing up I thought knowing other non-meat-eaters (I don't even like to call myself a vegetarian) would be neat. But then I met some and it's not. I thought it would just be nice to have someone to eat with who wouldn't make a big deal about what I choose not to eat. I don't like "can't" eat since, I suppose, physically I can (I'd imagine I'd get sick afterwards but that would be after though maybe during too) I just don't choose to. Maybe it's that being vegetarian isn't a big deal to me and it is to these people. Or they are just so against things they can't be with anyone. Or maybe I just don't like humans. I don't know. I like being around people who knit. I like being around people who parent similarly. But people who eat similarly... it just always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Meghan said...

love the color!

jcg said...

The sweater looks pretty.
As to your comments about fellow vegetarians; I tend to agree. I've rarely found one with whom I've had anything else in common with but our choices in food.
Fellow knitters are usually fun though.