October 27, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Sometimes it seems that the week just goes and I have no control over it. Usually I have nothing substantial to show for my lack of presence. Just the days getting away from me. Though this time I do have a bit of an excuse. I took the pictures for this post and didn't get around to getting them on the computer before the camera was whisked away to Las Vegas.
Naturally while the camera was away I finished two things. But those are for later. Now is for what should have been earlier.
An ex-balloon from you-know-where. Now I don't like balloons, well that's mild I'm rather scared of balloons. Odd, I know. Of course The Bug likes them and loves getting them from the want-to-be-health-food-store-but-really-more-of-a-novelty-food-store. This last time to keep her from flinging it about and doing all sorts of other dangerous balloony things I presented a project. We dip pieces of string into watery glue then wrap the balloon in said string. This meant the balloon had to stay in one place to dry and we didn't have to risk any dreaded balloon flingings. The next day Mr. Gnome took care of the dangerous deflating while I hid in another room. If he's willing to risk himself with the deflating of a balloon that is his business. This is what we got. Not too ballooney shaped but kind of neat. Is it art? Does balloon represent the deflation of our economy? Or is it the deflation of creative expression? Or.....is it just something the kid made so we hung it up..... ahhh the emotions it elicits...
And you can't have fall and a preschool aged child without making a leaf wreath. The Bug had fun picking up all the pretty fall leaves.


ariel said...

We will be making our token leaf wreath this week.

jcg said...

What a creative week you've had!