October 12, 2008

Little Bug

Yesterday morning the Bug did this puzzle by herself; for the second time. Puzzles are her new favorite thing and she really is good at them. I love that she loves puzzles. I have always wanted a puzzle table in my home, a place that had a constant puzzle in progress. While she certainly isn't there yet I can tell that it is in our future.

That afternoon Mr. Gnome wanted to paint the floor of the shed. He thought it would be fun to do a base coat then let the Bug pick a color and just have at it. She choose blue and had a grand time with the long handled roller. Mr. Gnome being more the artist enjoys this sort of thing. I thought it was a great idea.

Friday night we went to a dance performance at Mr. Gnome's work. The Bug loves going to these, the only trouble, as far as she's concerned, is that she doesn't get to dance. She's such a neat little person.

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