October 6, 2008


The other day I looked at the bug and realized how much bigger she's getting. Crazy! Then I looked at all the things I want to knit her that I have just the right amount of yarn for. I realized I needed to get knitting. So this past week...umm yes week.... I made her two...ummm yes two... shrugs.
First the plane black shrug. This is to go with a cute sleeveless dress of hers that probably won't fit her next summer. Now she can wear it through the fall. I used some acrylic something that was given to me by a friend who tried crochet, didn't like it and gave me her yarn. Simple top down raglan pattern.

Then the very fun red lace shrug; Hug Me. This was also simple, just a feather and fan lace work. But so cute and the ruffles on the end of the sleeve were just perfect Bug. This used almost two skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic.

Wow that kid has messy hair....

Both of these were very fast and very fun. The Bug likes them both but seems more drawn to the red one. We're going to see a dance performance at daddy's work this weekend and she wants to wear it to that.

There are at least two more sweaters I want to make her for this season. One Hopefully to go with her Halloween costume, but we'll see about that.


Meghan said...

2? 2? you never cease to amaze me! very cute!

jcg said...

I agree, you are amazing. Cute stuff!