December 10, 2008

The Blahs

I've been kind of blah about my knitting lately. I still enjoy the doing of it just not feeling that something else.

I cast on for the Bug's sweater; Sherwood. But I need a shorter circular and just haven't made it to the LYS. Being too cold to walk to stuff stinks! So it's been just sitting there.
Needing something I started a sweater for myself. Texture from the Fall '08 Vogue Knitting.

I like it I really do. But... I don't know... I love the colors and how the two yarns are working together. I like the, well, texture of the fabric. And it's always cool when working from a chart clicks. It's knit up on 10s so it's coming along fairly quickly. So what's my problem?

I think I just need an immediate gratification knit. This usually means fingerless gloves. But even those aren't striking anything with me. I think mostly because my stash fingerless glove yarn isn't striking me. Maybe I'll make the gloves some fingerless gloves. She can't where the long ones under long sleeve shirts. hmmmmm.....

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