December 5, 2008

Little Red Hoodie

I started this hoodie back in April. I'd finished the sleeves and back. Apparently back in April I had some issues with rulers. I made the front to match the back, not measuring with a ruler just with the back. When it was all said and done I put it on and it was a bit short. I measured and somehow 2 inches were missing on the arms and body. Odd. Now I'm short so the body isn't really a big deal as long as I'm not wearing super low riding pants, and I don't. The sleeves, well, I'm calling them 3/4 and some. Which is fine really, means I don't need to push them up when cleaning, cooking, or all those other times I'm pushing up my sleeves. It fits around, which is an improvement from past experiences. I am happy.

Last night I made the Bug a Snail. Which sounds cooler if I use her real name. The body is some Paton's something cotton and the shell is from the Mardi Gras Monkey Socks. I love Mochimochi's patterns, they are so whimsical and cute. I've been wanting to make something forever. Starting small.

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