February 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Back in December during a cold snap I decided I wanted another blanket to curl up with on the couch. Not having a traditional money making job I decided to make one. I started cutting out squares from old pieces of clothing; things that were just too stained or torn to give away.

This is most of what I ended up with. These are all 5x5 inches, there are also a number of 3x3 inch squares. There are also a crazy large amount of black squares. Enough, I think, to make Mr. Gnome a lap blanket. My original plan of a couch blanket has changed to one for the bed. When I started I didn't think I'd have enough for even the couch blanket. The above is for our bed and doesn't even use the brown and white squares pictured in the first picture. I also took out the squares from The Bug's clothes, I'm hoping to make her a blanket of her own some day.

It has taken me around two and a half months to cut all these squares. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to sew them up.


Meghan said...

WOW! it is amazing how much fabric you can get out of a piece of clothing. looking forward to seeing the final blanket(s)!

Mrs. Gnome said...

It's also a little amazing how much clothing I had. It was around 20-25 squares per Large T Shirt. And 25ish squares per pair of pants. I'm using 520 squares.