February 13, 2009

February Socks

These have actually been done all week, I'm only just now getting working batteries into the camera.

Cascade 220 on size 5, toe up, short row toe, short row heel. Simple and cozy.

After finishing this sock I was anxious to start a new pair of socks, a new pair of socks for me, a new pair of socks that involve doing something other than plain knitting. I grabbed a ball of blue sock yarn. And what do I find?

Someone has been eating on my yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horror, panic, mad searching and examining of all yarns. Finding no other signs of such horrors I look closer at this ball. I can see the culprit quite dead just a couple of layers into the ball. Taking no chances I have put all of my sock yarn into the freezer. I have had to appease myself with other knitting.


jcg said...

yuck, the yarn not the socks.
The socks look great.

jcg said...

To edit the last comment,
Yuck to the bug eaten yarn.
The socks look great. And Cascade 220 is a great and versatile yarn. I like the contrasting heels and toes.